Disclaimer: In consideration of mutual benefits and obligations in this Disclaimer. The receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged. The Client and the designer (“Premium Sweet home design”) agree as follows:

Services Provided

  1. The Client hereby agrees to engage the Designer ( Service Provider) to provide the Client with services.
  1. The Designer (the “Service Provider”) will also include any other tasks which the Client may agree on.

3.  The Designer (the “Service Provider”) hereby agrees to provide such Services to the Client. Other services if any.

Term of Agreement

  1. The Client has to provide a floor plan of the house for any design work. It may in jpg, pdf or Cad format.
  2. So, by giving a plan and signing this contract client (‘Services”) giving me permission to reproduce plan in 3D.
  3. Therefore, Before construction, it is the client’s responsibility to verify any and all dimensions on-site to fit the design in the place. As a result, If any discrepancy, it is the Client’s responsibility to fix it.
  4. All color and texture in the 3D pictures are for visual purposes only, the actual look may vary on site.